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Glowing Flowers

Since it's nearly Halloween I planned to decorate a little bit. The perfect opportunity for some itty bitty crafty crafty~

I bought some transparent paper in several colours and decided it should be something orange and green. Simply sticking pieces of paper on a glass jar to make a colourful lantern was ruled out, when I noticed I didn't have any black. And I didn't want to do pumpkins - too mainstream. But I had this little thing sitting on my keyboard: a dried hop cone.

I wish I could do a row of tiny lanterns that are each a crafted hop cone, glowing with a soothing green light, because that's what I tried to do. However, making those incredibly small leaves and sticking each of them onto the tiny diode of the chain of lights or just another still small construct, turned out to be the kind of work I didn't want to do. ;) Though, lighting up the cone itself looked cool! (see first picture)

I then googled a bit for origami, because I didn't have my own book with instructions around, and tumbled over something else that looked nice. These flowers that are kind of similar to the balloon origami. They are called harebells. Turns out they were just what I was looking for!