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A weird Pirate

pirate asaf

This is a very old sketch of mine, though, it befits what I'd like to tell.

Since yesterday I've been feeling a little down and lonely. I remembered things from the past that I thought must have changed completely, but haven't. So this is a little sequel to my last post.

This, again, happened years ago. I was doing some RP with my sister on Ragnarok online and that was a lot of fun. We had so many characters to play at once with so much stuff happening, that I hardly had time to focus on anything else. I still have the logs and plan to someday write it all out. But that's not the point. One time, when I got bored and my sister didn't have time or didn't want to play, browsed around an RP-Forum we sometimes used, that made it easy to put the conversations in a nice format, and looked for other people's stories I could join.

I stumbled over a pirate themed RP thing with little rules and I was sure I could handle it. So I quickly came up with a character (I chose a quiet man, don't remember more) and since everybody had some overly amazing anime portraits for their chars, I didn't feel out of place to pick the standard portrait of the assassin class of RO as mine. And I jumped in.

First up I had to prove myself to become part of the crew. I literally had to kill someone. So I did that. Quickly. I started with a distraction and finished the 'fight' against a captive without difficulties. I thought this would befit a pirate that has to just go kill that guy, that is obviously not skilled or armed. Well, they pretty much hated that. Duh! I am always the weird one and who likes the weird one? Well, my husband obviously, but otherwise... I don't know. I don't remember well, but I think the other players tried to 'fix' my 'wrongdoings' and then I left. In my opinion, a good story can fit in any character. Further in the backstory will be told over time and explain why they are there and why they did this or that. Or am I wrong?

Somehow I am always excluded at one point. I feel like I don't really fit in anywhere... but I don't want to be someone I am not...

Now, I kind of feel weird for writing this... Well...

About that sketch. That's a vampire, a really old one, 'The Alchemist'. But I will tell you about this one when I feel more confident. He's very important to me. I thought it would be cool to make him a pirate captain, but that's probably not going to be canon. Maybe a spin-off.