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Thoughts on a distant Back Tattoo Part 1

For many years, now, my wish for a badass back tattoo has been going on and off. First it was a gothic cross I wanted, then wings, then a cross again. Something like that and with months or years in between. Never got serious there...

However, this wish rekindled soon after we moved to Berlin a year ago. You see, there is a tattoo parlour just three doors away from our new home and we walk past it everytime we go out food hunting. It reminded me of that reoccuring need. Now, I am seriously thinking about getting one! And I am excited! Errm... yes, it's a big thing for me...

So, I am still thinking about the design, of course. Since I am an artist myself I want this to be very me.

Cross and wings are pretty much off the table. Instead I got stuck on this whole magic/alchemy circle thing. I might be shit at designing this though. Take a look at my ideas. What do you think? I wanted to add precious things to me into it like ink and quill, vampires, the moon, poisonous flowers, skyrim thief guild symbols and... well, see for yourself. I think I am something like a thief-witch or witch-thief... I'd love to get some advice on this.