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Tattoo for the Blacksmith

As I said before, I want to change Delar's weird-looking tattoo. Now, I did. This is it for the time being. I might get him a complete tattoo overhaul when he goes up the smithing ladder a bit.

So, instead of changing it completely I decided to take the vage lines I had and made it into something that looks more like a complete design instead of random curves. Back then I didn't think it would matter this much how that black blob on his face whould look. He WAS only meant to be a secondary character anyways. But I feel like I'd have to get better on every matter. Especially on the details, ALL the details. Not just image, but also writing. Secondary characters are important, too!

By the way, I think I keep switching around the A and E in his nameā€¦ It's "Delar" on the first page his name appeared, so that is the actual name. If you find a variation somewhere, please, tell me.