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Rekkenber Airship - WIP

I like going through old scribbles and sketches. Sometimes you stumble over things that really came out well but were never really finished.

This was a try to imitate the art nouveau style in a kind of steampunky manner. Cree Ovezht was one of my big sister's characters on Ragnarök Online (one of the best games ever) and we pretended him to be of the Lupin race which are a type of fairy. In our 'little' story we spun around the world of RO he was the captain of a tiny airship that would take passengers around the Schwarzwald Republic, despite the Republic already having a different and large airship service. If you've played that game as much as I did, then you might know all the symbols, mobs and names on this picture ;)

I plan on colouring this sometime after Christmas and New Years, maybe digitaly, but I haven't decided, yet.


On another note: Since the story we came up with while RPing is incredible and long, I might actually make it into a written-out text or comic in the future. But I think I should introduce the characters and the world beforehand.