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Comic Excuse Magikarp

Hey, sorry for the no-comic yesterday thing! I was sick… Nothing bad, but bad enough to nail me to the bed for a few days. Today I finally feel well enough to stay up, but I have this other thing I need to seriously work on until christmas. You know, I am working on a christmassy detective short story, something like Sherlock Holmes, just in today's age and set in Germany, also in German. I do want to post it here, don't know how, though, since we don't have anything handling really long chunks of text implemented, yet. Maybe via google docs. So, yes, I'll be busy writing that and I am quite stressed out with it, because it's a bit difficult… A translation might follow later.

Until next year, when I will continue the comic, I'll just post a bunch of other little scribbles here. Hope you'll like them and forgive me. Let's start with Magikarp IN SPACE!