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Master & Apprentice Page 0060 - 23-03-2017

I had sketched comic pages of all what's happening right now already lying around and I must admit these scenes were extraordinarily fun to draw. Though embarrassing…


The step through a portal is like a step though a doorway. First you are outside, then suddenly inside. But it's a magical doorway, so of course you feel this magic wash over you. Like a sudden change in temperature or being rained on from all angles at once. It is quite a refreshing and mind clearing experience.

I was drunk when I stepped though the portal and that amplified the effect. It was like waking from a dilirium and being hit in the face with the bare realitiy of a drunken mind. Within a second I went from unchallenged delight to damn-I-am-drunk-and-tired-and-cannot-think-exclamation-mark.

"I might have overdone it a bit." I blabbered, trying to get my tongue in tow.

"Sounds like you've had a lot of fun today." The Master had just finished removing the blue, swirling space-connector from the middle of the hall and put away the copper staff with the large blue crystal set into the circle at its top.

I needed a moment to parse his words despite them being simple and short and finally answered with a laugh. "Yeah, probably." I said, suddenly being interupted by an imposing yawn. "Should really hit the hay, now." In a half turn I swayed towards the stairs and was about to wish him a good night, as he continued:

"Should I maybe teach you a protection spell next?"

Parsing, parsing. "What protection spell? Protection against what?" Affected as I was I tried my best, put two and one and maybe another one together… "Do you mean…" I turned towards him, mouth open as I slowly got what he was talking about. Then I saw that teasing grin sitting in his old-man-face. He'd seen me in that… that situation with Delar and was now implying things. It really had to be that! Oh Lor!

I felt my face turn cherry red and oven hot.

"Nope! NOPE! Not ever! Good night!!" I yelled as I ran up the stairs, literally steaming.