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Stardew Valley: Sisters

Stardew Valley is an amazing game and the way Concerned Ape developed it is simply inspiring. Every time I play it I feel like I have to go on improving myself, practice, redo things until I like them and never give up. Though, it's hard to stop playing and produce stuff, because it's just that good a game!!

I just had to start a little story about it. A fanfic, if you prefer calling it that. Mixi says it's good so here you go. A diary-like story written by three sisters starting a new life on their farm (they are three different characters I've been playing with), getting to know the townsfolk of Pelican Town (and probably falling in love with some of them), exploring their magical and dangerous new world and definitely fighting over petty things. As sisters do…


The first 5 pages.

Three sisters