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Somniary Entry 2 Running and Hiding

Recently I've been dreaming a lot again. I really don't know what I am doing to deserve these. Anyway, I wanted to write them down.

I left one out from the night before last night, because it was greatly embarassing stuff from back in school and people being cruel towards me, but there was a wonderful trainride through the mountains with piles of snow around that were higher than the train itself, which was impressive.


This is from two nights before last night.

Dream 1

It's night, the streets are broad and empty. Tall blocks of houses on every corner. The moon's a dark crescent, stars are not visible, but the street lights light up the streets well. They feel lifeless and dead. A single tree, kind of large tree grows out of the sidewalk.

Then there is me, which is strange. Normally I don't dream of myself. But there I am: black jeans, black sweater, long messy hair. Haven't worn something like that casually since 11th grade, I think. Just skirts since then, except for trips into the forest.

I am flying. Actually, I am minecraft creative mode flying. To fly I jump and jump again and then I am slow, like I am really just swimming, trying to dive deep, but I'm floating back up - just the other way around. I fly around the only tree and sit on a street light.

But then… there is someone. I don't know who it is, can't see them. It might be a man, since I feel it must be one. But he's standing in the dark. He can see me. I get scared.

I don't want this man to see me. It's bad if he does and I want to fly away! I feel that it's no problem at all, since I CAN fly! However… I mess up lift-off. Weirdly jumping around I try to get my feet off the ground growing more flustered and stressed every time. Until I actually fly. Then I go hide in the dark, ontop the streetlamp or behind the tree. I know these places should conceal me, but then they don't. He's still staring right at me. I feel hopeless and have trouble breathing. Panic.

Then… I am back on the ground, trying to fly. It all repeats…

I dreamed this this morning during a 25min nap.

Dream 2

Running. I'm in a hurry. It's not really me, rather I am watching others run. Actually they are characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. I used to play those games for forever, often coming back to them, replaying them over and over. Whenever I think of running I think Sonic, or Shadow or any other character. In my dream it was a race and the person I associate myself with is about to lose and give up.

The scene changed completely.

I am in our flat and I am me, lying where I am actually sleeping: on the sofa in the living room, facing into the room. A tingly feeling runs through my fingers, like a weak current. I can't move. There's an actual ghost floating in front of and slightly above me. Just so I can't see it. But I know it's there and it's partly made of electricity. It's keeping me from moving.

The ghost does nothing more. I feel a stronger current going through my whole body, but doesn't hurt at all. Though I am nervous and a bit scared. It floats over to the balcony window. In contrary to reality, the sun shines brightly and the windows are mostly pure white. Then it disperses and is gone.

But it left me a present. The printer is possessed or hacked, it feels like either. It keeps printing photographs of my husband and me. Really old ones - older than the time I've known him for even - in many different sized and in strips of many, like those strips of pictures from a booth. I want to jump there and pull the cable, but I am still bound to the sofa.

Finally I can move, I instantly stand before the printer, that continues to do his scary deed. I notice that I must be asleep, I don't know what triggered it. Deciding to wake up, I do so.

I am convinced that all must be real now, back on the sofa. Quickly I get up and run over to the printer. It's still printing photos, but that's alright! I pull the cable right from the printer. It's even one of those with a little bumper on that prevents the cable from slipping out, like a LAN cable, and I managed to concentrate on removing it properly. That made me proud.

Now I have to remove the remaining sheets stuck in the printer. Luckily it has knobs for that. Knobs I can just turn and it scrolls the paper in or out, just like on a typewriter! It's a really good printer.


Suddenly I notice that the printer is standing where it couldn't stand and the bookshelf is missing, our printer is also not shaped like a typewriter. And why did I not pull the plug from the socket instead? And how could it print this much without paper?

Shocked I step back from the printer.

I open my eyes.