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Master & Apprentice Page 0044 - 20-10-2016

Page 0044

When I asked mixi what he thought of the design for the tailor, he said he looked sort like Zargeth. So I looked at him again and...




Now, this is my answer! (o` 0´o)/


Master & Apprentice Page 0043 - 14-10-2016

Page 0043

Zargeth is the wizard they need, definitely not the wizard they deserve.

Not much more to say this time. I had to clean up a lot, because I did some stupid smears yesterday while tired.



Somniary Entry 1 Unending

Sorry, am tardy. I have been working on the next page all day again and couldn't finish until now. It's late and I am tired, so I'll finish it tomorrow morning. Instead I thought I'd share a dream with you. It's from last night (or rather this morning) and became lucid (it just happens to me, I don't know how).


So, it all started on some kind of space ship. I didn't see any stars or controls, I just knew. I sat in a nearly empty, rectangular storage room together with at least one other woman kneeling beside me. She had greenish yellowish skin with blue speckles that felt scaly but soft anyways. Also she was barely wearing anything, I don't know why. Though, I knew she was a mother. There were a few boxes in the corner and the light was dim and orange. I was afraid. I knew I was hiding from something, but not what that was.

Suddenly a deafening siren started to blare and red alarm lights flashed houndingly. I desperately held onto the other woman. Apparently I was sure that she would protect me from whatever doom was approaching. I shook in fear hiding behind her. Then a machine gun turret unfolded from the wall and took aim at me. I couldn't move as countless bullets hit against my protector seeking my destruction. She didn't die and none of the bullets reached me. I never saw her face or anything of her front and she had never moved from her spot or said any word.

I must have left the room afterwards, because I found myself in a hallway the next moment, cowering in the corner of a turning. It was dark, gray and freezing cold. For some reason I watched myself from a security camera. I was smaller and more frail than I really am and only wore a light white dress. I did not notice as another turret emerged from the wall. Squirming and suffering I felt the metal pass through me. The bullets did not injure me, but it hurt just as if they did.

I lay still as it stopped, but alive.

The next scene I was maybe older, but definitely stronger and I wore more clothes, pants, a shirt and the gym shoes I wore for PE back in school. I even was in some kind of school. It felt like it. Though, there were two people in lab coats around me. I was assigned a room. It looked clinical and had two beds. I had a room mate, but never saw them. This all felt very relaxing compared to the start and I was finally able to look around on my own. There was a certain room just accross mine. It was some kind of laboratory and I wholeheartedly began to touch everything lying around. Sadly I cannot remember much in detail except that one glass basin. It contained radioactive material, which I, of course, picked up. I felt the radiation as a warm glow, like the heat wave of a warm, well, radiator. A lab coat scolded me for it and I had to put it back.

Another day maybe, but another moment certainly. I was fragile again and wearing that dress. The room I was in was bright with a wooden floor and a high ceiling. Despite the nice atmosphere I was stricken with fear... again. An older man in a lab coat I had met before in the school/lab was there. He was the head of the facility.

Other pupils were with me in that room, dressed in pastel coloured dresses. It was a sort of dancing lesson, but I couldn't do it. I just fell to the ground as if my legs were made of wool. Knowing what was going to happen I whimpered and shivered unable to protect myself. The lab coat moved closer, without words. He picked me up and carried me like a doll still silently whining. There was a hatch in the wall I hadn't noticed before, half see-through leading to a small alcove behind it. He put me in there. It had as high a ceiling as the dancing room. The hatch closed. Then there was a machine gun turret taking aim. Bullets flew and passed through me until I lay on a bed of metal, until there was no more space and my body filled with lead.

I still didn't die, but it hurt. It hurt so bad.


Beloved Zubat Part 2


Willow Strange prefers to be called a Hex Maniac.

So do I.

I am still unsure what kind of hex she is actually casting on that ass. There are so many fun possabilities! Like: he drops his phone and it shatters or none of his Pokeballs successfully catch again or his email address/es is/are leaked to a hundred online shops, chain letter spammers and the Jehova's Witnesses online community! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!


Master & Apprentice Page 0042 - 06-10-2016

Page 0042

I am beat. Normally I work on these pages 2 to 3 days, taking my time sketching, inking and colouring, but this time actually only started TODAY. I literally worked on it until now. So it's kind of like a 'normal' workday. It was still fun and I guess that's what matters.


I will now take a break. Long one.


Beloved Zubat Part 1


Somehow I feel that people hate Zubat. I don't know why that is the case or maybe I am totally wrong. But I've seen so many other comics showing people treating one of my favourite Pokemon so harshly in PokemonGo, I just had to put something different out there.

Zubat isn't even very weak in the gameboy/DS games. Flying/poison is a great type combination and it can learn ghost type attacks.


Master & Apprentice Page 0041 - 29-09-2016

Page 0041

Sometimes I wonder why I gave him such a weird face tattoo. I seriously don't like it, but a tattoo is not exactly something you can just switch out. For him it's a tradition of the blackschmiths guild, a symbol of membership. They are most probably not the most artsy of guilds, so a less creative design seems legit. However, I think I might change it through story, an upgrade maybe. I've been thinking about tattoos recently anyways~


The dress


That yellow, orange and red dress Kyriel is wearing in page 40 of the comic is something Zargeth "had lying around". It's way too long for her and not really something she would choose to wear, way too bright and flappy.

The wizard had accepted this dress as payment some years or so ago. The owner was some semi rich woman that wanted to buy a potion (something for her skin… warts? but that doesn't really matter). She was constantly fussing over things like the dusty stool she sat on while waiting, the long way to the tower and even her neighbor that supposedly stole a peek of her in a creepy way. Zargeth imagined that it must have been a look of terror on that poor man's face. When the tincture was finally done and Zargeth demanded payment, she only shrugged "Other people pay you more than enough." she snapped at him. Bad idea.

Noone can escape their debt to a Master Wizard. /crackling lightning

On the same day she sent a bundle of clothing and some cheap jewelery. Still not something useful to Zargeth, but she probably fell off her high horse for at least some days.


Master & Apprentice Page 0040 - 22-09-2016

Page 0040

Kyriel safe and sound back in here and now. She really is a fast learner. Seems like the 'old' elf is quite impressed and not going to send her away any time soon. Of Course, it would be an awfully short story if it were to end, now. Zargeth really should have known… well, he's not Pinkie Pie.


Thea - The Awakening: The Bear

cooking soup

Thea is an amazingly adictive game. It has strategy, is turn based, has a lot of random events and stays challenging even after turn 400! But most importantly: it has named characters. You level them up, equip them with awesome dragon bone mythril swords, name them after ponies and grow awfully attached to them... I... I have a bear in my team since very early on... a BEAR! He leveled so much that now he is one of my most intelligent villagers, can do magic and even gained some level of attractiveness.

That's not even the funny part.

Just imagine a huge, dangerous looking bear... cooking meals for his/her friends, patch up their wounds (because he/she learned some medic skills) and carry a basket into the forest to collect those yummy fruits...

/me drifted off and is now busy laughing her ass off