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Master & Apprentice Page 0045 - 27-10-2016

Page 0045

Halloween-themed tights!

Haaah~ Best day of the year, isn't it? The only day people bahave normally and they think I do, too.

It's probably almost like Chistmas for me. I was a teen when my parents tried to do something interesting for us (my two sisters and me). We kept the lights out all evening, sitting only in candlelight, and I remember it being nice and warm and we had delicious food and snacks. I remember being very hyped, even though we didn't do anything special. That's a bit like Christmas should be, right? Christmas was never like that for me. Since then I always tried to induce something similar, get my family into a festive mood and be happy toghether. Never worked.

So, the first time I had to celebrate it alone (2012, midweek) I was broken. Now, I couldn't even try! I was hyped for Halloween anyway, waiting for the comfortable dark atmosphere to arrive. That way I ended up a bit desperate. Long story short: I planned out a party just for me (My little Pony FIM s1e25 'Party of One' comes to mind).

It wasn't that bad. I had prepared snacks I've always wanted to eat, turned on 13th Street, which was showing scary movies all night, and played Minecraft all night until I was too frightend and tired.

It was amazing.

The following years I did all that with my boyfriend (now husband) and what I did on that day alone became somewhat of a tradition ('cept for the movies).