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Master & Apprentice Page 0046 - 03-11-2016

Page 0046

Sigh... I commited the awful mistake of trying to advertise this comic on the gaiaonline forums. I should have known! After submitting a short thread and a few hours of waiting all I got were 3 downvotes and no comments at all. Normally I always got fast reactions back then ('then' being something like 5 years ago). A weird itch made me look up a thread from back then about a different comic - something like a first try at such - and noticed how weird the replys were. Harsh and not really understanding what was going on in my story, but analysing in every detail. Sure, it wasn't very good and the intro was lacking, but not as misunderstandable as it seemed from those comments. I just looked it up!

So... I logged off and vow not to enter that place again. I am confident that the story that I am telling is something around a 'good' or even 'pretty good' and maybe someday I'll get some feedback that is honest, but not ignorant and hateful.

Enjoy :)