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Master & Apprentice Page 0047 - 10-11-2016

Page 0047

Wow. I did a lot of smudging on this one. Small things only and I managed to fix them all neatly, but oh my. Today is a weird day. I'm spraying water everywhere, the brush jumped right out of my hand and nearly got into my tea cup (which was half a meter away!) and I totally forgot about a step in my usual comic-drawing-process. Still worked I guess. Maybe I'll make the next page a bit experimental and leave out just another step. Normally I start by sketching out the page on a separate sheet, then copy it over to the watercolour paper with pencils on my light table, then ink it and colour it. I forgot the copy with penicl part and inked it right there. Maybe I don't even need to ink it and it will still look nice? Should I try that?

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