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Master & Apprentice Page 0062 - 06-04-2017

Finished knitting a whole jacket! \o/ I am so proud of myself. Now, I started on a dress… But what's more important: inspiration and motivation is returning to me~ Not only because of that jacket, though. Next time you are lazy and depressed because of that, remember having some serious fun without a care in the world.


This feeling of waking up to the sound of rain against the roof is so gentle. When your warm blanket is drawn up to your nose and you hear the cold wind rage outside where it can't get you. It's wonderful. Especially when the wind is just right and the rain just strong enough and the only window cannot be closed.

Still in my nightwear I nearly fell down the ladder and stumbled out of the mess. I was cold and drenched. Swearing and still confused from the cruel wake I pulled a white cloth from one of the shelves in the laboratory. Luckily it wasn't very dusty. Nobody really moves in here. I wrapped the cloth around me and finally stopped shaking. It was seriously freezing in there or at least with half my sleepwear as wet as it was.

At least in the lab the windows had wooden shutters.


I quickly went back to get my clothes and hung the wooden panel in front of the small rectangle of a window, that I had fitted with a string just for this purpose. One day I'd like to have room with a glass window.

Fully dressed in one of my black dresses and my wonderful purple robe (also including those leather shoes Master Zargeth insisted on me having, well, they ARE warm actually, but I'm not used to shoes, who whould like to be constrained to shoes anyway?) I skipped down the stairs (carefully, can't trust the shoes) to the dining room on the first floor and past it into the kitchen. The rain had not flooded these parts either. The walls were quite thick and the windows about half my size, so most of the down-pour missed. I wonder if the Master could summon barriers to keep out the rain, should it get worse.

Nearly without thinking I started to prepare a breakfast. It was my turn today anyways and the sun-crystal (a wonderful artefact showing the position of the sun even when it's hidden behind clouds!) was past dawn anyways (I'd really like to have a portable version of this head-sized crystal for orientation purposes).

I prepared some porridge with rockegg bulbs and brewed the poor-people-coffee Fumee from dried blue caps. It really tastes nothing like coffee, but wakes you right up at least and it really smells amazing. Suddenly I noticed that I wasn't hungover much at all. Normally I'm not at all resistent and the scent of Fumee always lifts the first curtain in my head, but I was actually quite fine. Neat! Maybe a splashing wake-up-call does that.