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Master & Apprentice Page 0063 - 20-04-2017

Sorry for last week. This time's longer, not really as compensation, but it could count as such, right? smirk


Lured down by the smell (I think) the Master entered just as I finished setting the plates. I really hope it was the smell. Otherwise it would have been some kind of clairvoyance, which again would mean he might know about my totally off-key humming and such… I got goosebumbs thinking he might be able to watch me. HAHA! But that's surely not the case! HAHA! Sweat…

He sat down with a "Morning." and already forked for a piece of rockegg. Meals are the only occations he doesn't bring a staff along to. It's even a bit strange to see him empty-handed. Well, empty except for that fork and spoon.

I noticed how he immediately started to watch the rain outside. So there was nothing in particular on his mind?

Last night's thoughts welled up inside me. I really needed to ask him. "The rain's awfully strong today, and the wind!" I pouted, starting a bit of a conversation.

"Yes, wonderful, isn't it?" I actually saw an interesting glimmer in his old eyes as he said that. That was no sarcasm! How can he LIKE THAT!? I wiped a wet strand out of my face. With an unbelieving stare I imagined pricking him with little mind needles. Of course it was not as bad for him. I think his private quarters are the only rooms with actual glass windows or something similar. But I was wet as a dog! Are dogs always wet? Well, whatever! I tried staring at him exceptionally expressively so when he turned he'd know I didn't have friendly relationship with that storm. STAAAAARE.

A while later my face grew tired from all the staring. Damn, do I actually need to train my face muscles to do proper stares? I shook my head and decided to let this one go. My eyebrows hurt. Next time he'll see the stare for sure.

"Did you already take a shower? It's still so early, I thought you'd definitely get up late today." PRICK. I turned into a porcupine. I was about to blow (I nearly had him see it! My wonderful stare…), as he turned back to the window for a second and snapped right back to look at me instantly with a… I'd say… surprised look. Something moved in his mind, I could tell, since he opened and closed his mouth saying nothing and then he did that thing with his beard, stroking it while not really seeing anything that's before him. Deep thought mode.

I blinked and tilted my head questioningly, but he only raised a finger telling me to wait. Well, I knew he understood my problem with the rain, he's amazingly clever.

Silently I continued eating. Well, actually I'd planned to slowly lead the conversation to THAT OTHER topic. But this condition could last for almost a day, but I really REALLY wanted to get my question answered. Or at least put the matter on the table, make him concious of my concerns. Something like that? If I'd said nothing, nothing could ever happen, right?

Gasping I noticed I'd become quite nervous and fidgety. My hands were sweaty and I decided to put my cup down, before I'd spilled the Fumee due to weak fingers. Ah, I'm so useless when I need to speak up! COME ON, ME! IT'S NOW OR NOT UNTIL TOMORROW!

"Master!" I blurted, trying to contain myself before I'd lost all confidence, nearly jumping from my chair. "Why are you an old man?!"

Now it was his turn to blink. I felt my face turning red and hot. My feathers threatened to catch fire. Did he even catch what I'd said or did he only notice that I'd said SOMETHING he SHOULD have understood? I tensed up. He looked surprised and not angry at all. That was a good thing, right?

Suddenly, just as Master Zargeth had opened his mouth and I could see the first letter being shaped, a knocking echoed through the Tower. A knocking sound like that of fist on wood, a few normal knocks on the front door… loud and clear thanks to the spell on the wood, that made it audible for everyone everywhere in the building.