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Master & Apprentice Page 0064 - 26-04-2017

I went exploring in the nearby park today. Next to a snail shell, forget-me-nots, a sleeping duck, sexually active bugs and a wallet, I found myself way too occupied with my surroundings. So sitting outside to write would probably be a bad idea. :D

It's nice to sit in my cozy and dark little flat to write about the rainbows.


Master Zargeth stood up and downed his remaining Fumee in a single motion. "We'll talk about this in a moment." He said calmly but sternly and headed down the stairs.

In a moment? Did he really just say that? Just like that he's going to explain this to me? I expected him to roll his eyes and give me a warning. He told me to forget about the matter after all. I got really excited and jumped after him to meet our visitor as well.

I thought I'd heared Delar's voice before taking the last turn, but the person standing in the door and having their hand kissed by the Master was tall, young woman dressed in a simple dress, that had not been dyed, with a woolen shawl over her shoulders. Her ashen hair was tucked into a messy bun with a single lock dangling before her right eye. It took me a while to recover. Master had certeinly never greeted ME that way… Well, if I remember correctly I had not given him a chance to do so on our first encounter. I'd just dropped the apple in the barrel right from the tree. A-a-also I wouldn't know how to initiate the like, I mean, it's not like you just grab somebody's hand to kiss it. Normally the other person… cough I shook my head.

Oh, right, that woman, by the way, was Maeve, Delar's girlfriend. So it was probably really his voice I'd heared. With a generic friendly smile on my face I joined in. Delar stood right beside her, surprisingly dressed a bit more fancy than otherwise. That leather jerkin really accentuated his figure and he carried his sword in an ornamented scabbard. Did he actually really care for Maeve or was this to impress me? I hoped it was for her. He wasn't my type no matter what he did. A friend doesn't need to to be attractive, a lover does!

I greeted them with deep nod and kept my place a step behind my Master. Zargeth acknowledged my presence with a quick smile before he asked: "Now, why do you seek me?"

Delar started to speak: "My lovely Maeve here has a brilliant idea that might interest you and might help the townspeople and your reputation. Would you tell him, dear?"

Maeve had had her eyes cast to the ground and now lifted her head gracefully. I thought I'd puke watching that. She was so not this way when she didn't know someone was watching. "I feel that we might benefit from each other if we would work together more closely, Great Wizard." Even her voice sounded slightly afloat. "We are only a handful of nurses at the hospital and not all of us a well enough educated. If you could help us out with your knowledge as an acting apothecary and send maybe improve our stocks we would be able to bonify our efforts. Of course we would all properly reward you for your help." Again she lowered her head. I got more and more frustrated. Girl! You don't have oust me! I am not your enemy! Of course I didn't know if that was just her 'official' self and totally not because she didn't like me. If I were certain I would have told her right there. Sorry.

The Master seemed speachless for a moment.

"We shan't talk in the entryway. Let's discuss these matters in the shop." He motioned them to go ahead. "Kyriel, would you hang their cloaks to dry?" What?

"Oh, of course." I took the near drenched cloaks Delar was carrying in one arm. He then opened the door to the shop just opposite the entry and led his beloved inside. Meanwhile the Master turned to me and whispered.

"Just leave this to me. You better go grab a book until I'm done with these two." He rolled his eyes, then turned and closed the shop's door from the inside.

I was left all alone with two very heavy cloaks, that continued to soak my clothes. Sigh. I simply hung them on the rack.