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Master & Apprentice Page 0065 - 04-05-2017

Sometimes when I try to do something (like writing a lot) I begin to feel like I am missing something. A tool, a gadget or something like that. But then again I end up doing it (writing a lot) without it and I think "Damn, you don't really need -the thing- it's all great." and then I want to get something else in it's stead. It can be quite frustrating xD

This time it was like this. I wanted to have a tablet that I could install Linux on so it could run Lyx, the software I use to write, but there hardly are working solutions for that. Then again those could become quite pricey. I had a lenovo tab 3 in mind, but I was waiting for the price to drop, since there would be new models coming out this month. See that? I wanted to be clever lol

But now I am all fine with what I have (an old netbook and a desktop), but now I really want a PS4 to play JRPGs xD

Now I am waiting for those to become cheaper… :>


Of course I didn't run ahead to read a pretty book right away! Who do you think I am? I carefully put my ear to the keyhole and tried to listen in.

They actually talked about the deal that Maeve had proposed. Boring. Someone was constantly walking up and down the room. The wooden floor creaked periodicaly in several spots. They continued to speak very well mannered and I lost interest. I'd find out about this anyways when Delar and Maeve were gone. Guess they wouldn't talk about me being a pest or anything.

To the library then.

I pulled out a random book from a random section and threw myself into that one cushioned armchair. It really just reminded me of a pile of furs on sacks filled with goose feathers rather than a real chair. But it was the most comfortable thing in the whole tower (depending on what the Master kept past the room with the fire place on the 6th floor).

The book I'd picked had a dark and greasy leather cover and no title. Which was odd. Thanks to this I didn't think too much about what anyone could maybe say about me downstairs and let myself be taken away by curiosity. Instantly I opened it on a random page then leafed through it bit by bit. No pictures so far. Pictures would easily have told me what this book was about, so skipped back to the first page.

"This here be ref for hundreds and guide to all who wisheth." said the very first sentence. It was difficult to read, since it used old letters and was written by hand instead of magic-hand, that would make the font consistent and easy to decipher. Also the word "hundreds" was written as a glyph that used to mean something like "many times many" and was not actually a number.

The next few lines were warnings. I shouldn't read on if I didn't want to die. Something like that. This had to be cowpiss, since the Master kept all the dangerous books in the next arm behind a locked and sealed door. So I read on.

I had to skip forwards some pages to finally find a headline. "First Mikses" it said. Again the number as an old glyph and "mikses" is just wrong, but I thought it should have been "mixtures".

"You wouldth not put away this here ref, so take the first to heart." Followed by a list of materials. Chalk, wax, the shell of some kind of animal, "glittering rocks" (whatever those were supposed to be), then several plants and berries, most of them poisonous, I believe.

Puzzled I skipped forwards to the end of the instructions. "Then this willth give [weird glyph] and enlightenth you in our path. Keep close always." What? Was this just some quack writing down his visions while sniffing sulfur vapors? It didn't make sense at all! What was this about?

But… if these things were something real, I wanted to understand them and learn it all. This seemed very interesting. I got up to go find some ink and paper.