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Master & Apprentice Page 0071 - 16-06-2017

Skyrim. I got back into Skyrim. I played for a million hours before and I am adding to it now. After watching a bit of a let's play (by Sips) I restarted completely, though, with pretty much the same character as my very first. But I play a bit different, now, and that makes it so much fun again even after going through the thieves guild questline for the fourth time or so. It's amazing.

R.I.P. Pitch, Thistle and Moonsugar, my beloved horses. I will have a hard time finding a name for the next.


The next morning I woke up with a weird thought in my head. "Come outside immediately. --Zargeth" He could have left a note another way. Though I was quite puzzled as to why he had to use such measures.

Only as I stepped outside did I notice the bright sunny wheather. After so many days of grey clouds and storms I was speachless to find the sky so clear. Maybe it was just this?

But my surroundings weren't as pretty. Broken branches and torn leaves were scattered like litter in the streets, in some places rocks and loose dirt got simply washed away with the rain. It looked awfull. I immediately wanted to work on rebuilding the garden. But where was the Master?

"Master?" I called for him and walked around the Tower a bit. He had changed its appearance again: black and white marble bricks, each smaller side-tower was embattled, just the huge centric one had a long, pointed roof out of black slate. Astonished I wondered whom he wanted to impress, since he really looked marvelous! Hm. I also still don't know why the Tower is a 'he' specificaly and not a 'she'. It was the Master that called him that. Oh, right. Where is he? "Master?"

There he was, at the backdoor. "Master!" I ran over, since I guessed whatever it was he needed me for was urgent. But then I stopped, or rather: froze.

In front of a lightning-struck tree sat a little caravan. Five people at most, with little wings for ears and bare feet, gathered around a streamlined wagon that had no wheels with an abstract deer between wafts of mist on its canvas. My own wings collapsed and I felt me knees go numb and squishy. Slowly I moved towards my Master as if sneaking could still remove me from their sight.

"Kyriel!" THAT VOICE! I NEARLY DIED ON THE SPOT! "Long time no see. Nice to see you again." NONONONONONONO! "Sister." Shocked I half hid behind Master Zargeth staring at that pale man with ice-blue eyes approach. Ralzel, my brother, had not changed one bit, since I'd left around a year ago. I could tell right away by the traditional garb he was wearing: the banner on his cape, the heavily embroidered tunic. He'd even dipped his feathers in the distinctive light blue dye, as members of the leading family of the Squall traditionally do.

Suddenly the Master began to speak: "For your own sake, I hope you arrive here with exceptional reason. Since otherwise I would have to demand compensation for quite an astonishing amount of trouble." Oh Lor, he was so pissed. His face said so clearly, that he thought little less than nothing of him or anyone part of that caravan. I think he really liked that tree. But strangely, I'd immediately calmed down when I saw him like that. Right, I had him behind me - or rather, in front of me - and he surely wouldn't let them take me back!

"I regret I am only here to see my little sister."

With new-found courage I stepped forward: "And what do you want, Ralzel? There's no way I'd go back, so that can't be your cause." Though my hands did shake a little, when I crossed my arms in front of me. Damn. He's my brother, we grew up together, we stuck together like bark on tree. At least in the past it was so. Now he's all Squall and no fun. When I rejected the marriage proposal he'd been… scary… I don't know how he'd turned that way.

Ralzel sighed: "I knew it wouldn't be easy to convince you, so let me make a suggestion, sister."

"What would that be?" I snapped.

"Do you remember the time we were kids? When we would fight over everything just to have another sparring?"

"How could I forget the time you weren't an ass?" Suddenly I felt my Master weave something magic. Directly on me. I could feel enchantments on my fingertips.

"I propose we hold a little fight. If I win, you will listen to what I have to say and willingly come back to the Squall to give our people another chance." He smiled an oh so sweet smile it hurt my teeth.

"And if I win? Will you leave?"

"If you win, dear sister, you won't have to listen to anything I say. I will still try to drag you home, though, I will refrain from burning that tower to the ground to do so." With these words I felt a curse welling up next to me, ready to tear the flesh from Ralzel's bones. I actually feared for my brother for a moment.

"Fine! Have your fight!" I yelled. "But remember who I am!" I am a thief and a liar and a cheat! I tried to think as loud as possible.