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Master & Apprentice Page 0072 - 06-07-2017

Sorry for the delay, I was busy with a new mystery short story all June. Now, it's done and just needs a proof-read. It'll be all german again, though.

But if you can't read german, don't worry, I'll update M&A a couple more time before next thursday, k?


"I can't read minds." Master Zargeth clarified.

"Oh. Damn. I'd hoped you could." We had just gone back inside for some preparation. Since I don't run about with my weapons glued to me, I had to at least get those, so my brother didn't have a choice and wait if he wanted a fair fight.

"Did you try to tell me something?"

"Well… kinda… but… argh, it's embarrassing to repeat it out loud." I ruffled my hair, hiding my face. "I want you to help me win. That's pretty much it." I turned around, looking him in the eyes. This was important. "If the only way to get rid of people trying to take me back to that place is to win against my brother, I don't care about how it's done!"

My Master raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to kill your own brother?"

"Hell, no! We fought all the time when we were smaller. It was over when one of us touched the ground with one shoulder. So I believe this will be similar."

"Did you win often?"

NO, DIDN'T! My head wanted to scream. My brother nearly always won. Luck helped me two or three times in all those years, but I was always the meek little sister. That's why I wasn't going to be a huntress or anything, but the wife to some blacksmith apprentice. "No." I wispered. "I'm not bad with daggers, but he's on a completly different level. Got real training and all. I… was hoping you could…" I fidgeted. "you know… assist me a little?"

He was thinking hard, I could tell, but he didn't answer my question. "I was thinking, that maybe you could somehow make it that your spells look like I was casting them."

"No." I flinched, that's how quickly that response came. "That's not how it works. Using magic is probably fine, but that would be easy to see through. What you need is something else. Maybe enchanted gear." He tapped his finger on the tip of his nose, thinking. Then he looked around.

Suddenly the walls began to crumble. But not in a destructive way. This was the Tower's metamorphosis. Bits of stone crumbled away, to reveal new walls or openings, while the rubble was again consumed by very floor it fell on. I'd never seen it from up close like this before.

When the rumbling stopped, the Tower had created a door right next to us. Immediately Zargeth opened it and clapped his hands in approval. "This room is exactly what I was looking for." he exclaimed.

Before us had unfolded a rather small and about square room. It was a small storeroom or broom cupboard with a dusty box in one corner and a mouldy wardrobe by the right wall. All nicely covered in old abandoned spider webs. "Webby." I commented. "What's it for?"

"This is where I keep some rather useless things I couldn't just throw out."

"Useless? Is that what I need?"

"Oh, no, for you it might have some. Use, I mean." He moved forward, tore a web from the knobs and pulled open a random drawer. A massive cloud of grey and white emerged and he started to cough. I jumped back as I saw the dilemma. Ignoring the dust completely, he rummaged inside and pulled out something made of leather, I think. It had an oily shimmer to it, but was absolutely dry. He threw it to the floor. "I just have to find the right pieces." he said. "Try the box, Kyriel."


It opened with a hurtful scream and revealed an unsightly collection of old, rusty weapons. Doubtfull I turned back to my Master. "Are you sure, some of this is not absolute dog poo, Master? We'd have to clean and sharpen these, before they could even cut bread instead of smashing it."

He'd already opened the next drawer and was rifling through it as you do when you really know what you're looking for. "Just pick whatever strikes your interest. Touch a few. Grab them like you would your daggers. You'll know what will work."

"Aha…" I looked back into the box, still unsure if he'd gone mad or not. But I tried to trust him regardless. The apprentice follows the master. The master knows better, most of the time.

"Aha!" My head snapped back as he exclaimed. "I found it."

"What is it?" I was back on my feet in an instant and jumped beside him to have a look.

"Here, wear these." What he gave me were a pair of gloves made from black leather and a scarf. Both were far from being well preserved. The scarf was partly falling apart thanks to a family of moths and the left glove was missing two fingers. The right one had dried mouse droppings on the rim.

Carefully I put everything on. It felt… interesting. "Are my hands floating? They feel like they are floating."

"It's pure power you're feeling." He smiled proudly.