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Master & Apprentice Page 0073 - 13-07-2017

I have a drawing of Ralzel, which I'll upload seperately as soon as I get the new scanner working!


My brother was busy show-fighting his followers as we returned outside. His movements were smooth and rythmic like a dance. Twirling around and striking the others' swords with his Lamsa daggers as he flew accross the grass. Lamsa are a type of hunting knife that have a rather tight curve at the tip of the blade and it's quite long for a dagger. When hunting, which is almost treated as a traditional act within a Squall of Winds, one can easily reach out to the fleeing deer and jab the Lamsa into its hip, grabbing it at the bone, and pull it down. In the case of a man-on-man the shoulder is also quite a 'good' spot to reach for. It was only natural that Ralzel, as the heir to the Squall, had trained to be a master at dual-wielding those daggers.

"There you are, Kyriel! Almost thought I'd have to come and drag you out. Are you scared?" In another supple zip, he'd left his battleground and stood only a few meters before me.

Yes, I was scared. Ralzel normaly trained every morning and evening. I didn't even fight. All I did was practice drawing in the air with a wand and some handy signs for everyday use. Simply putting my index finger and thumb together would put my hair up in a pony tail, but that was no use in battle.

"Should we begin?" My voice was only a little shaky. I wore the gloves with cut-off fingertips, since they were too long for my little hands and I had the scarf wrapped around my chest underneath the robe. There had been no time to actually practice with these enchanted items, I had to learn on the field, against my brother.

"Sure." He flicked a strand of hair out of his face and returned to the open spot behind him. Ralzel hadn't even broken into sweat after jumping around.

Looking back at Master Zargeth, I think he noticed my nervous uncertainty, but he only shrugged.

Stepping slowly I positioned myself opposite of Ralzel. His eyes told me he was taking this seriously, so I did the same.

But then he seemed to wonder, loosening his shoulders. "Are you fighting with a stick in one hand?"

I rolled my eyes. I had a normal dagger in my right hand and my wand in the other. It was even a really nice wand with carvings and silver inlays. "It's a WAND!" I rectified and whirled it a bit, drawing silvery light, to proof my point. "What did you think I was doing at wizard's tower? Cleaning?"

"Yeah!" We slowly roamed aroud each other, not changing the distance, but ready to defend the first strike. His few followers had gathered around us, forming a barrier for the arena. I didn't even get angry at his ignorance - didn't even know if he was just taunting me or not - since I was trying my best to feel the power around my chest, activating the abilities it provided.

Mumbling things I don't even remember I copied his steps.

Then suddenly he yelled: "May Lor keep your heart save, sister!" and leaped forward.

Hardly being in a state of mind to lift my knifearm, I merely flinched as his daggers flew towards me.

For a second I thought I must have lost at least an ear if not my whole arm with that strike, but then I saw that wonderful surprised look on Ralzel's face. The Lamsa was stuck in thin threads of ice and fine shimmer of glistening blue surrounded me. Damn, it worked! I couldn't resist a proud grin.

Ralzel jumped back, squinting at the magical shield around me. "You tricksy thing, you." he shook his head with a brotherly smirk, before he went for another hit, carried on a gust.

This time I wasn't glued stuck, since an enchantment didn't need any concentration after activating. Quickly I jabbed my own dagger forwards, which also activated the glove's power.

From my fingers and along the blade, a spike of ice grew within the blink of eye, staggering Ralzel mid-action. Skilfully he rolled to the side, catching himself.

My turn!

I hadn't fought in months, but I still managed a charge. Streching my right towards Ralzel, which shot an icicle at him, I held my wand ready to block.

But I didn't even get close. All he needed to do was skip to the side, past my dagger. Bringing up a squall towards me, he stopped my action completely and zipped right past me. Damn hunting manoeuvres! I was never taught those! Was he even ever fighting me honestly? That speed was crazy!

Quickly I turned and at the same time drew a line. I wasn't even thinking straight and that line would never actually do anything. This was my first time trying to fight with magic.

Already Ralzel was hitting ice, giving me a good push. Apparently the ice barrier didn't absorb all impulse. I saw him smirk. He already had me, I felt that in my bones. Like a trapped animal in front of the predator. Actually fearing for my life I glanced over to my Master. Just for a split second.

Ralzel didn't hesitate long, before he charged me with all he had. There was no playful smile anymore, just plain seriousness.