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Master & Apprentice Page 0052 - 12-01-2017

Page 0052

Now there's something creeping up ;)

I tried something new again! See the hatchings? Amazing, right?


Hey, if you have anything to spare, if you don't mind me asking, maybe consider supporting me via patreon. I don't actually have any income, yet, so every little bit would really help a lot!


Master & Apprentice Page 0051 - 05-01-2017

Page 0051

Phew! Not the best I could do, but it wasn't the best of days either. Can you imagine how nerve wrecking it is to see your large box of watercolours fall to the ground? That thing has around 50 colours and every single colour is a loose cube in a tiny little plastic pan with printed-on name and number that is not glued to the box! So there they went… around 100 little pieces and I had to sort them back into that fucking box. Colour in pan, pan in box. Did you know there is hardly a difference between "viridian green" and "intense green"?


The Owlopus


You know what? Free time's over.


Sherly Hopkins - German Detective Story

As promised here is pretty little story for everyone who can read German. Merry Christmas.

Sherly Hopkins, die neue Sherlock Holmes, trifft auf ein kleines Problem in Mitten der Festtagseiligkeiten.

Hier gibt's die PDF


Comic Excuse Magikarp

Hey, sorry for the no-comic yesterday thing! I was sick… Nothing bad, but bad enough to nail me to the bed for a few days. Today I finally feel well enough to stay up, but I have this other thing I need to seriously work on until christmas. You know, I am working on a christmassy detective short story, something like Sherlock Holmes, just in today's age and set in Germany, also in German. I do want to post it here, don't know how, though, since we don't have anything handling really long chunks of text implemented, yet. Maybe via google docs. So, yes, I'll be busy writing that and I am quite stressed out with it, because it's a bit difficult… A translation might follow later.

Until next year, when I will continue the comic, I'll just post a bunch of other little scribbles here. Hope you'll like them and forgive me. Let's start with Magikarp IN SPACE!



Master & Apprentice Page 0050 - 08-12-2016

Page 0050

Holy shit, I am at page 50!

Also… This was such a demanding page… SO MANY FACES! And I am so damn tired. It's probably visible in some of those faces. I am not exactly happy with some of some of them.


Rekkenber Airship - WIP

I like going through old scribbles and sketches. Sometimes you stumble over things that really came out well but were never really finished.

This was a try to imitate the art nouveau style in a kind of steampunky manner. Cree Ovezht was one of my big sister's characters on Ragnarök Online (one of the best games ever) and we pretended him to be of the Lupin race which are a type of fairy. In our 'little' story we spun around the world of RO he was the captain of a tiny airship that would take passengers around the Schwarzwald Republic, despite the Republic already having a different and large airship service. If you've played that game as much as I did, then you might know all the symbols, mobs and names on this picture ;)

I plan on colouring this sometime after Christmas and New Years, maybe digitaly, but I haven't decided, yet.


On another note: Since the story we came up with while RPing is incredible and long, I might actually make it into a written-out text or comic in the future. But I think I should introduce the characters and the world beforehand.


Tattoo for the Blacksmith

As I said before, I want to change Delar's weird-looking tattoo. Now, I did. This is it for the time being. I might get him a complete tattoo overhaul when he goes up the smithing ladder a bit.

So, instead of changing it completely I decided to take the vage lines I had and made it into something that looks more like a complete design instead of random curves. Back then I didn't think it would matter this much how that black blob on his face whould look. He WAS only meant to be a secondary character anyways. But I feel like I'd have to get better on every matter. Especially on the details, ALL the details. Not just image, but also writing. Secondary characters are important, too!

By the way, I think I keep switching around the A and E in his name… It's "Delar" on the first page his name appeared, so that is the actual name. If you find a variation somewhere, please, tell me.



Master & Apprentice Page 0049 - 01-12-2016

Page 0049

You know what? I bet noone noticed that I forgot to paint that bandit's eyebrow on the last page. Now he's got it.


Stars crafted from Paper

I made some really cool stars from thin cardboard/thick paper and acrylic paint and wantes to share them with you in case you just needed an idea like this! Have fun.

painted stars