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Stardew Valley: Sisters

I just updated the file itself, so the link is always the same, but the file is not.


5 more days on Amber Leaf Farm. Resume reading on page 5

Three sisters


Master & Apprentice Page 0065 - 04-05-2017

Sometimes when I try to do something (like writing a lot) I begin to feel like I am missing something. A tool, a gadget or something like that. But then again I end up doing it (writing a lot) without it and I think "Damn, you don't really need -the thing- it's all great." and then I want to get something else in it's stead. It can be quite frustrating xD

This time it was like this. I wanted to have a tablet that I could install Linux on so it could run Lyx, the software I use to write, but there hardly are working solutions for that. Then again those could become quite pricey. I had a lenovo tab 3 in mind, but I was waiting for the price to drop, since there would be new models coming out this month. See that? I wanted to be clever lol

But now I am all fine with what I have (an old netbook and a desktop), but now I really want a PS4 to play JRPGs xD

Now I am waiting for those to become cheaper… :>


Of course I didn't run ahead to read a pretty book right away! Who do you think I am? I carefully put my ear to the keyhole and tried to listen in.

They actually talked about the deal that Maeve had proposed. Boring. Someone was constantly walking up and down the room. The wooden floor creaked periodicaly in several spots. They continued to speak very well mannered and I lost interest. I'd find out about this anyways when Delar and Maeve were gone. Guess they wouldn't talk about me being a pest or anything.

To the library then.

I pulled out a random book from a random section and threw myself into that one cushioned armchair. It really just reminded me of a pile of furs on sacks filled with goose feathers rather than a real chair. But it was the most comfortable thing in the whole tower (depending on what the Master kept past the room with the fire place on the 6th floor).

The book I'd picked had a dark and greasy leather cover and no title. Which was odd. Thanks to this I didn't think too much about what anyone could maybe say about me downstairs and let myself be taken away by curiosity. Instantly I opened it on a random page then leafed through it bit by bit. No pictures so far. Pictures would easily have told me what this book was about, so skipped back to the first page.

"This here be ref for hundreds and guide to all who wisheth." said the very first sentence. It was difficult to read, since it used old letters and was written by hand instead of magic-hand, that would make the font consistent and easy to decipher. Also the word "hundreds" was written as a glyph that used to mean something like "many times many" and was not actually a number.

The next few lines were warnings. I shouldn't read on if I didn't want to die. Something like that. This had to be cowpiss, since the Master kept all the dangerous books in the next arm behind a locked and sealed door. So I read on.

I had to skip forwards some pages to finally find a headline. "First Mikses" it said. Again the number as an old glyph and "mikses" is just wrong, but I thought it should have been "mixtures".

"You wouldth not put away this here ref, so take the first to heart." Followed by a list of materials. Chalk, wax, the shell of some kind of animal, "glittering rocks" (whatever those were supposed to be), then several plants and berries, most of them poisonous, I believe.

Puzzled I skipped forwards to the end of the instructions. "Then this willth give [weird glyph] and enlightenth you in our path. Keep close always." What? Was this just some quack writing down his visions while sniffing sulfur vapors? It didn't make sense at all! What was this about?

But… if these things were something real, I wanted to understand them and learn it all. This seemed very interesting. I got up to go find some ink and paper.


Somniary Entry 2 Running and Hiding

Recently I've been dreaming a lot again. I really don't know what I am doing to deserve these. Anyway, I wanted to write them down.

I left one out from the night before last night, because it was greatly embarassing stuff from back in school and people being cruel towards me, but there was a wonderful trainride through the mountains with piles of snow around that were higher than the train itself, which was impressive.


This is from two nights before last night.

Dream 1

It's night, the streets are broad and empty. Tall blocks of houses on every corner. The moon's a dark crescent, stars are not visible, but the street lights light up the streets well. They feel lifeless and dead. A single tree, kind of large tree grows out of the sidewalk.

Then there is me, which is strange. Normally I don't dream of myself. But there I am: black jeans, black sweater, long messy hair. Haven't worn something like that casually since 11th grade, I think. Just skirts since then, except for trips into the forest.

I am flying. Actually, I am minecraft creative mode flying. To fly I jump and jump again and then I am slow, like I am really just swimming, trying to dive deep, but I'm floating back up - just the other way around. I fly around the only tree and sit on a street light.

But then… there is someone. I don't know who it is, can't see them. It might be a man, since I feel it must be one. But he's standing in the dark. He can see me. I get scared.

I don't want this man to see me. It's bad if he does and I want to fly away! I feel that it's no problem at all, since I CAN fly! However… I mess up lift-off. Weirdly jumping around I try to get my feet off the ground growing more flustered and stressed every time. Until I actually fly. Then I go hide in the dark, ontop the streetlamp or behind the tree. I know these places should conceal me, but then they don't. He's still staring right at me. I feel hopeless and have trouble breathing. Panic.

Then… I am back on the ground, trying to fly. It all repeats…

I dreamed this this morning during a 25min nap.

Dream 2

Running. I'm in a hurry. It's not really me, rather I am watching others run. Actually they are characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. I used to play those games for forever, often coming back to them, replaying them over and over. Whenever I think of running I think Sonic, or Shadow or any other character. In my dream it was a race and the person I associate myself with is about to lose and give up.

The scene changed completely.

I am in our flat and I am me, lying where I am actually sleeping: on the sofa in the living room, facing into the room. A tingly feeling runs through my fingers, like a weak current. I can't move. There's an actual ghost floating in front of and slightly above me. Just so I can't see it. But I know it's there and it's partly made of electricity. It's keeping me from moving.

The ghost does nothing more. I feel a stronger current going through my whole body, but doesn't hurt at all. Though I am nervous and a bit scared. It floats over to the balcony window. In contrary to reality, the sun shines brightly and the windows are mostly pure white. Then it disperses and is gone.

But it left me a present. The printer is possessed or hacked, it feels like either. It keeps printing photographs of my husband and me. Really old ones - older than the time I've known him for even - in many different sized and in strips of many, like those strips of pictures from a booth. I want to jump there and pull the cable, but I am still bound to the sofa.

Finally I can move, I instantly stand before the printer, that continues to do his scary deed. I notice that I must be asleep, I don't know what triggered it. Deciding to wake up, I do so.

I am convinced that all must be real now, back on the sofa. Quickly I get up and run over to the printer. It's still printing photos, but that's alright! I pull the cable right from the printer. It's even one of those with a little bumper on that prevents the cable from slipping out, like a LAN cable, and I managed to concentrate on removing it properly. That made me proud.

Now I have to remove the remaining sheets stuck in the printer. Luckily it has knobs for that. Knobs I can just turn and it scrolls the paper in or out, just like on a typewriter! It's a really good printer.


Suddenly I notice that the printer is standing where it couldn't stand and the bookshelf is missing, our printer is also not shaped like a typewriter. And why did I not pull the plug from the socket instead? And how could it print this much without paper?

Shocked I step back from the printer.

I open my eyes.



Since I bought a new pen tablet (wacom intuos S2, it's light and wonderful!) I had to try something digital again. I often see such interesting styles that I'd like to use myself. What better way is there to learn a method than to go ahead and try to reproduce it? Eventually I'll manage ;)

This was my reference: Pretty picture

I think I went overboard with shadows, otherwise… hm, all in all still not as 'calm' or 'clear' as my reference. Gotta try again ^^'

it's something


Master & Apprentice Page 0064 - 26-04-2017

I went exploring in the nearby park today. Next to a snail shell, forget-me-nots, a sleeping duck, sexually active bugs and a wallet, I found myself way too occupied with my surroundings. So sitting outside to write would probably be a bad idea. :D

It's nice to sit in my cozy and dark little flat to write about the rainbows.


Master Zargeth stood up and downed his remaining Fumee in a single motion. "We'll talk about this in a moment." He said calmly but sternly and headed down the stairs.

In a moment? Did he really just say that? Just like that he's going to explain this to me? I expected him to roll his eyes and give me a warning. He told me to forget about the matter after all. I got really excited and jumped after him to meet our visitor as well.

I thought I'd heared Delar's voice before taking the last turn, but the person standing in the door and having their hand kissed by the Master was tall, young woman dressed in a simple dress, that had not been dyed, with a woolen shawl over her shoulders. Her ashen hair was tucked into a messy bun with a single lock dangling before her right eye. It took me a while to recover. Master had certeinly never greeted ME that way… Well, if I remember correctly I had not given him a chance to do so on our first encounter. I'd just dropped the apple in the barrel right from the tree. A-a-also I wouldn't know how to initiate the like, I mean, it's not like you just grab somebody's hand to kiss it. Normally the other person… cough I shook my head.

Oh, right, that woman, by the way, was Maeve, Delar's girlfriend. So it was probably really his voice I'd heared. With a generic friendly smile on my face I joined in. Delar stood right beside her, surprisingly dressed a bit more fancy than otherwise. That leather jerkin really accentuated his figure and he carried his sword in an ornamented scabbard. Did he actually really care for Maeve or was this to impress me? I hoped it was for her. He wasn't my type no matter what he did. A friend doesn't need to to be attractive, a lover does!

I greeted them with deep nod and kept my place a step behind my Master. Zargeth acknowledged my presence with a quick smile before he asked: "Now, why do you seek me?"

Delar started to speak: "My lovely Maeve here has a brilliant idea that might interest you and might help the townspeople and your reputation. Would you tell him, dear?"

Maeve had had her eyes cast to the ground and now lifted her head gracefully. I thought I'd puke watching that. She was so not this way when she didn't know someone was watching. "I feel that we might benefit from each other if we would work together more closely, Great Wizard." Even her voice sounded slightly afloat. "We are only a handful of nurses at the hospital and not all of us a well enough educated. If you could help us out with your knowledge as an acting apothecary and send maybe improve our stocks we would be able to bonify our efforts. Of course we would all properly reward you for your help." Again she lowered her head. I got more and more frustrated. Girl! You don't have oust me! I am not your enemy! Of course I didn't know if that was just her 'official' self and totally not because she didn't like me. If I were certain I would have told her right there. Sorry.

The Master seemed speachless for a moment.

"We shan't talk in the entryway. Let's discuss these matters in the shop." He motioned them to go ahead. "Kyriel, would you hang their cloaks to dry?" What?

"Oh, of course." I took the near drenched cloaks Delar was carrying in one arm. He then opened the door to the shop just opposite the entry and led his beloved inside. Meanwhile the Master turned to me and whispered.

"Just leave this to me. You better go grab a book until I'm done with these two." He rolled his eyes, then turned and closed the shop's door from the inside.

I was left all alone with two very heavy cloaks, that continued to soak my clothes. Sigh. I simply hung them on the rack.


Master & Apprentice Page 0063 - 20-04-2017

Sorry for last week. This time's longer, not really as compensation, but it could count as such, right? smirk


Lured down by the smell (I think) the Master entered just as I finished setting the plates. I really hope it was the smell. Otherwise it would have been some kind of clairvoyance, which again would mean he might know about my totally off-key humming and such… I got goosebumbs thinking he might be able to watch me. HAHA! But that's surely not the case! HAHA! Sweat…

He sat down with a "Morning." and already forked for a piece of rockegg. Meals are the only occations he doesn't bring a staff along to. It's even a bit strange to see him empty-handed. Well, empty except for that fork and spoon.

I noticed how he immediately started to watch the rain outside. So there was nothing in particular on his mind?

Last night's thoughts welled up inside me. I really needed to ask him. "The rain's awfully strong today, and the wind!" I pouted, starting a bit of a conversation.

"Yes, wonderful, isn't it?" I actually saw an interesting glimmer in his old eyes as he said that. That was no sarcasm! How can he LIKE THAT!? I wiped a wet strand out of my face. With an unbelieving stare I imagined pricking him with little mind needles. Of course it was not as bad for him. I think his private quarters are the only rooms with actual glass windows or something similar. But I was wet as a dog! Are dogs always wet? Well, whatever! I tried staring at him exceptionally expressively so when he turned he'd know I didn't have friendly relationship with that storm. STAAAAARE.

A while later my face grew tired from all the staring. Damn, do I actually need to train my face muscles to do proper stares? I shook my head and decided to let this one go. My eyebrows hurt. Next time he'll see the stare for sure.

"Did you already take a shower? It's still so early, I thought you'd definitely get up late today." PRICK. I turned into a porcupine. I was about to blow (I nearly had him see it! My wonderful stare…), as he turned back to the window for a second and snapped right back to look at me instantly with a… I'd say… surprised look. Something moved in his mind, I could tell, since he opened and closed his mouth saying nothing and then he did that thing with his beard, stroking it while not really seeing anything that's before him. Deep thought mode.

I blinked and tilted my head questioningly, but he only raised a finger telling me to wait. Well, I knew he understood my problem with the rain, he's amazingly clever.

Silently I continued eating. Well, actually I'd planned to slowly lead the conversation to THAT OTHER topic. But this condition could last for almost a day, but I really REALLY wanted to get my question answered. Or at least put the matter on the table, make him concious of my concerns. Something like that? If I'd said nothing, nothing could ever happen, right?

Gasping I noticed I'd become quite nervous and fidgety. My hands were sweaty and I decided to put my cup down, before I'd spilled the Fumee due to weak fingers. Ah, I'm so useless when I need to speak up! COME ON, ME! IT'S NOW OR NOT UNTIL TOMORROW!

"Master!" I blurted, trying to contain myself before I'd lost all confidence, nearly jumping from my chair. "Why are you an old man?!"

Now it was his turn to blink. I felt my face turning red and hot. My feathers threatened to catch fire. Did he even catch what I'd said or did he only notice that I'd said SOMETHING he SHOULD have understood? I tensed up. He looked surprised and not angry at all. That was a good thing, right?

Suddenly, just as Master Zargeth had opened his mouth and I could see the first letter being shaped, a knocking echoed through the Tower. A knocking sound like that of fist on wood, a few normal knocks on the front door… loud and clear thanks to the spell on the wood, that made it audible for everyone everywhere in the building.


Worm continued






Master & Apprentice Page 0062 - 06-04-2017

Finished knitting a whole jacket! \o/ I am so proud of myself. Now, I started on a dress… But what's more important: inspiration and motivation is returning to me~ Not only because of that jacket, though. Next time you are lazy and depressed because of that, remember having some serious fun without a care in the world.


This feeling of waking up to the sound of rain against the roof is so gentle. When your warm blanket is drawn up to your nose and you hear the cold wind rage outside where it can't get you. It's wonderful. Especially when the wind is just right and the rain just strong enough and the only window cannot be closed.

Still in my nightwear I nearly fell down the ladder and stumbled out of the mess. I was cold and drenched. Swearing and still confused from the cruel wake I pulled a white cloth from one of the shelves in the laboratory. Luckily it wasn't very dusty. Nobody really moves in here. I wrapped the cloth around me and finally stopped shaking. It was seriously freezing in there or at least with half my sleepwear as wet as it was.

At least in the lab the windows had wooden shutters.


I quickly went back to get my clothes and hung the wooden panel in front of the small rectangle of a window, that I had fitted with a string just for this purpose. One day I'd like to have room with a glass window.

Fully dressed in one of my black dresses and my wonderful purple robe (also including those leather shoes Master Zargeth insisted on me having, well, they ARE warm actually, but I'm not used to shoes, who whould like to be constrained to shoes anyway?) I skipped down the stairs (carefully, can't trust the shoes) to the dining room on the first floor and past it into the kitchen. The rain had not flooded these parts either. The walls were quite thick and the windows about half my size, so most of the down-pour missed. I wonder if the Master could summon barriers to keep out the rain, should it get worse.

Nearly without thinking I started to prepare a breakfast. It was my turn today anyways and the sun-crystal (a wonderful artefact showing the position of the sun even when it's hidden behind clouds!) was past dawn anyways (I'd really like to have a portable version of this head-sized crystal for orientation purposes).

I prepared some porridge with rockegg bulbs and brewed the poor-people-coffee Fumee from dried blue caps. It really tastes nothing like coffee, but wakes you right up at least and it really smells amazing. Suddenly I noticed that I wasn't hungover much at all. Normally I'm not at all resistent and the scent of Fumee always lifts the first curtain in my head, but I was actually quite fine. Neat! Maybe a splashing wake-up-call does that.


Stardew Valley: Sisters

Stardew Valley is an amazing game and the way Concerned Ape developed it is simply inspiring. Every time I play it I feel like I have to go on improving myself, practice, redo things until I like them and never give up. Though, it's hard to stop playing and produce stuff, because it's just that good a game!!

I just had to start a little story about it. A fanfic, if you prefer calling it that. Mixi says it's good so here you go. A diary-like story written by three sisters starting a new life on their farm (they are three different characters I've been playing with), getting to know the townsfolk of Pelican Town (and probably falling in love with some of them), exploring their magical and dangerous new world and definitely fighting over petty things. As sisters do…


The first 5 pages.

Three sisters